First Industrial heritage of Costa Rica

Manufacturing process of a cart
In this factory we built five sizes of carts and use different kinds of wood, mostly cedar, laurel and tapir.

The process begins by cutting each of the pieces that make up its structure. Then is assembled the crate and installed the helm. Then he placed the shaft so that it is ready to put the wheels. The construction process of the wheels is the most complex. It begins by cutting each of the 16 wooden wedges that form, then screw them to the central metalic part (bocina) in a metal wheel that makes them pressure around them. Finally, we put the metal ring around it, which when heated with coal almost incandescent, it sticks with wooden wedges. The latter process is called the fitting of the wheel.

Fábrica de carretas Eloy Alfaro - Sarchí - Valverde Vega - Costa Rica