The typical oxcart of Costa Rica was declared as national symbol on March 22, 1988 during the administration of                      Dr Oscar Arias, and acts since then, as the national symbol of Costa Rican workers.
It was granted the privilege of being patriotic symbol to ilustrate (until 1988) the prevalence and major role it was to contribute to economic and social development of Costa Rica, from the beginning of their sovereign and independent life.
Since November 25, 2005 is celebrated in our country the declaration of the Tradition of Boye and Wagon as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This award given by UNESCO, is intended to rescue and preserve those traditions that are part of the identity of people and are at risk of being lost.
Furthermore, the decoration of each wagon, is considered by many the ultimate expression of popular art genuine Costa Rican people. This is a clear testimony to the greatness of art that exists and has existed in this country for many years

Fábrica de carretas Eloy Alfaro - Sarchí - Valverde Vega - Costa Rica